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Epi. ilense 'Woodstream'



Barkerias, Encyclias and Epidendrums

Only species with prices listed are currently available.

Catalog Codes: Plant Size: S=seedling (3-5" leaf span), LS=large seedling (6+ leaf span), NBS=near-blooming size, BS=blooming size, MC=mericlone, D=division, MT=mounted plant.


Epidendrums make up a diverse genus of over 800 species (possibly hundreds more) in the new world tropics from North Carolina to Bolivia. According to Dr. Robert Dressler, there are 146 species found in Panama, alone! The diversity, ease of culture, free-flowering and exotic nature of Epidendrums lend themselves to the enjoyment of hobbyists and serious collectors. Woodstream Orchids made a committment to bring Epidendrum species into cultivation through seedling production and to explore the infinite combination of hybrids that may be made within the genus Epidendrum and among other relatives of the Cattleya Alliance. Many Epi species and hybrids make superb exhibition plants, ranging from large spectacular specimens to sublime miniatures. Barkerias and Encyclias are also found in this section. Check out our offerings and give Epis a try!!

WSO 2114 Epidendrum Eddy Lick Run (ilense 'Penns Creek' x Epidendrum jatunsachanum 'Woodstream' CBR/AOS) - First time release of keikis and divisions of this unique hybrid. Epi jatunsachanum is a unlique BLUE-lipped species from Ecuador. crossed with ilense to make Eddy Lick Run, we got what we wanted. Frilly white ilense-like flowers with vibrant blue-filigreed lip. Easy to grow and bloom in moderately bright light, and more compact than ilense. Blooms frequently! Limited.
3.5" pot, BS-Divisions $25

Epidendrum falcatum 'Penns Creek' - (Mexico) Rarely offered robust species with pendent terete leaves. Produces clusters of very large white spider-like flowers with fine fragrance. Related to Epi parkinsonianum. Suitable for mounting or basket culture.
BS Division 5" pot $25

NEW! WSO 2502/3900 Epidendrum melanoporphreum ('J&L' AM/AOS x 'Penns Creek') - We have been trying for years to produce this wonderful purple flowered purple leaved species from Peru from seed without success. Now for the first time we were able to produce a few bottles. Very few to be released.
3.5" pots $25; 4.5" pot BS $35

NEW! Epidendrum parkinsonianum - (Panama). Wonderful large-growing unique species with long succulent pendent growths which give rise to 2-3 large 3-4" white fragrant flowers. This species won the prestigious Fragrance Competition at the 1997 New York International Orchid Show. Grow intermediate, moderately bright light. Three available.
5" pot BS division $45

Epidendrum porpax - (Panama/MTF*) Clambering miniature quickly grows into beautiful specimens. Flower is from Mars! Apopular and favorite species! Grow intermediate, moderately bright light. Very different, and the first time ever offered. Easy to grow and bloom. Limited.
4" wooden baskets$BS divisions $25

NEW! Epidendrum pseudepidendrum - (Costa Rica, Panama) Everyone's favorite! Very showy heads of deep green flowers with brilliant orange waxy fringed lips. Proving to be an interesting parent. These will eventually grow tall, but begin blooming when only a few inches high, and almost never stop! Specimens are show stoppers! Moderately bright, Intermediate
3-4" pots BS Seedlings $25

NEW! WSO 3896 Epidendrum quitensium - Large growing Ecuadorian reed-stem species that has magnificent heads of deep magenta flowers. Easy!
2.5" pots $8; 4" pots BS Seedlings $15

NEW! WSO 3916 Epidendrum stamfordianum album ('Poe Valley' x self) - (Panama) Lovely arching sprays of green flowers. A great show plant that is highly sought after. Here's your chance. Easy to grow.
5" pot BS-Division $35

NEW! WSO 2540 teretifolium ('Penns Creek' x self) - Beautiful plant architecture and unique green flowers make this plant a show stopper. We are always asked for divisions whenever we show this easy to grow Epi. Now we have seedlings. First time ever offered, anywhere!
3.5" pot $20; 5" pot BS Division $35 (one available)