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Paph. Fire Within 'Woodstream' HCC/AOS



Paphiopedilums (Paphs) represent a genus of tropical Asiatic lady slipper orchids. Paphs range from India in the west, eastward to the Pacific Islands, northward to mainland China, and southward into the Indonesian archipelago. Paphs have become one of the most popular of all cultivated orchid genera. Most Paphs grow well in the home, and thrive under conditions similar to those suited to African violets. They prefer east or west window with moderate light, and do well when grown under lights or in shadier greenhouse locations. Paphs enjoy being thoroughly watered, and then left to dry out to almost dryness before being resaturated. They should be fed weak fertilizer with 4 out of 5 waterings, with slightly reduced fertilizer in the cooler months. They prefer a well-drained medium, such as 2 parts fine bark (or fine coconut husk chips, leached to remove salts), 1 part fine charcoal, and 1 part coarse perlite, but adapt well to a variety of mixes. Annual repotting is essential to successful Paph cultivation.

Since 1985, Woodstream Orchids has been purchasing and selecting outstanding Paphiopedilum breeding stock from around the world. We are pleased to bring you select line-bred species seedlings and state-of-the-art hybrids from our own unique breeding lines. New offerings are frequently added, so check back every 1 or 2 months.

Woodstream Orchids joined forces with Nancy Mountford, partner and breeder for Orchids Dominicana to develop focused elite breeding lines for complex and novelty Pahiopedilum hybrids. The next few years should see some very exciting new offerings from Woodstream Orchids. Nancy Mountford is an internationally recognized hybridizer, lecturer and exhibitor, and is currently marketing select seedlings and divisions from the Krull-Smith/June's Orchid Estate Collection (see Select divisions by clicking on the Papa Aroha Paphs button). Like Woodstream, Nancy, has been collecting elite Paphiopedilum breeding stock for many years. We are very pleased to welcome a breeder of Nancy's experience and vision to Woodstream's team!

Paph, Phrag, and Species Seedling and Divsiion Availability List

Paph, Phrag, Epidendrum, and Trichopilia Flask Availability List