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Updated: August 5, 2006


Pleurothallids include several genera, prominent among them are Masdevallia, Restrepia and Pleurothallis. Panama is home to some wonderful examples of the latter genus. Pleurothallis produce flowers from the base of the leaf. Some flowers are held low among the leaves, others are held aloft on tall stems. They tend to rebloom frequently from the same leaf! Many of the species are compact growers, and give growers who fancy plant architecture, as well as flower potential to become fascinated with this exciting group. Unless otherwise stated, Pleurothallis enjoy intermediate temperature, moderate light and even moistier. Many can tolerate periods of dryness. They grow well in plastic pots with moss or a seedling bark (Paph) mix. According to Dr. Robert Dressler, there are 146 species of Pleurothallis found in Panama.

Catalog Codes: Plant Size: S=seedling (3-5" leaf span), LS=large seedling (6+ leaf span), NBS=near-blooming size, BS=blooming size, MC=mericlone, D=division, MT=mounted

Plant Culture Codes:
Preferred Temperature: Cool (55-75 F); Intermediate (60-85 F); Warm (65-85 F)
Preferred Light Levels: Shady (Paph); Moderate (Phal); Moderately Bright (Cattleya); Bright (Vanda)



Pleurothallis allenii - (Panama) Dwarf plants have interesting dark red flowers shaped like diamonds. Relatively rare in cultivation. These are lush bushy plants!

Pleurothallis amparoana - (Panama) Delightful dwarf species with short raceme of cream-yellow bowl shaped flowers. A real gem! Grow moderately bright, intermediate temperatures.

Pleurothallis caligularis - (Panama) One of our favorite Pleurothallis! Very small growth habit produces proportionally large half-inch deep red flowers offset by white lip. Beautiful!

Pleurothallis carpinterae - (Panama) Beautiful miniature with large orange and white flowers spotted with purple. These will be very popular!

Pleurothallis cobraeformis - (Panama) 3" glossy leaves with purple pink flowers. Very nice!

Pleurothallis cofeicola - (Panama) Sensational species with 3-4" round leaves with prominent red mid-veins. yellow flowers with red lip. Grow intermediate, moderately bright. Never offered before!

Pleurothallis cogniauxiana - (Panama) Another of our favorites. 6" tall plants with large semi-cordate leaves produce short racems of cream-colored flowers, intricately patterned with brown. A specimen plant of this species is truly spectacular! Limited.

Pleurothallis conochila - (Panama) 2-3" tall club-shaped leaves give rise to wiry infloresence producing dark purple-red flowers.

Pleurothallis convallaria - (Panama, Costa Rica) Beautiful species reaches 5" tall, produces 8-9" raceme with unusual contrasting red flowers offset by a white lip. One of our favorites! Very limited!

Pleurothallis dentipetala - (Panama) 6-8" plants. Beautiful arching racemes of purple flowers. Very easy.

Pleurothallis dracontea - (Panama) 4" plants with wiry racemes of striking dark red half-moon-shaped flowers.

Pleurothallis dressleri - (Panama) Micro-sized plants are small in nature and have been difficult to get going. Well-worth the wait, as a number of growers have requested this species. Tiny plants 4-5 leaves. Rare in cultivation.

Pleurothallis ecuadorensis (Ecuador) - Easy-growing vining species. Moderately bright, intermediate.

Pleurothallis endotrachys - (Panama) 6-8" plants with sequential red-orange blooms. Very easy!

Pleurothallis eumecocaulon - (Panama) When we saw this miniature in Maduro's nursery, we had to have it. Minature plant produces small diamond-like white flowers with a wonderful strong scent that belies the size of the flowers!

Pleurothallis fastidiosa - (Panama) 5" plants with racemes of delicate and beautiful purple flowers. Recommended!

Pleurothallis fulgens - (Panama) 6-8" plants with sequential brilliant orange blooms. Very easy!

Pleurothallis geminicaulina - (Panama) Succulent 3-4" leaves with rows of pink flowers on the leaf blade.

Pleurothallis guttata - (Panama) 2-3 inch raceme holds translucent green yellow flowers marked with purple, purple lip. Plant height 3".

Pleurothallis hemirhoda - (Panama, Ecuador) Succulent glossy leaves with relatively large cream and red flowers. Highly recommended.

Pleurothallis ingramii - (Panama)

Pleurothallis johnsonii - (Panama) Excellent species reaching 6-8" tall. Flowers deep red-purple with yellow lip marked with purple. Inflorescence may arise either from the leaf base, or from the rhizome. Rare!

Pleurothallis lepidota - (Panama) Outstanding species grown mounted with beautiful pendent 4" elliptical purple leaves. Inflorescence descends down the leaf, making a nice display of green flowers with purple stripes. Limited.

Pleurothallis lewisae - (Panama) Cute creeping miniature with round leaves.

Pleurothallis luctuosa - (Colombia, Panama) Thin-leaved growth reach 6", produce short racemes of aatractive elongate red flowers open simaltaneously.

Pleurothallis macrantha - (Panama) 4-5" growth with pink flowers dotted with purple.

Pleurothallis maduroi - (Panama) Orange-red round flowers on round leaves. Very rare in cultivation.

Pleurothallis matudiana - (Panama) Excellent compact species with heart-shaped 3" leaves and 0.5" glossy red flowers. Very easy

Pleurothallis mystax - (Panama) Delightful miniature with 0.75" leaves. Rare! Dark purple flowers with white stripe are shaped like a cross. Very limited. Nice plants!

Pleurothallis nitida - (Panama) beautiful compact plant with shiny leaves and purple flowers.

Pleurothallis pallida - Pale green flowers flushed with rose on a 8 cm inflroescence held well above the foliage.(Panama)

Pleurothallis peculiaris - (Panama) Slender heart-shaped leaves, and large fuzzy zany "peculiar" red flowers. This is a very unique and desireable species. Very limited.
Beautiful plants!

Pleurothallis phylloides - (Panama) Heart-shaped leaves. Red flowers, similar to cardiothallis.

Pleurothallis powelli - (Panama) Spectacular large robust species with tall upright spikes of glossy red flowers. Excellent exhibition plant.

Pleurothallis quadrifida - (Panama) From Panama's remote southern province of Darien. Related to Pleuro. racemiflora with upright spikes of 0.5" yellow highly fragrant yellow flowers above 4" club-shaped succulent leaves. Excellent!

Pleurothallis roezlii - (Panama) Handsome species with 2" elliptical leaves on 6" stems. Produces upright 8-10" racemes of beautiful red flowers marked with white. Easy!

Pleurothallis rowleyi - (Panama) Another excellent species 6-8" tall bearing 6"+ inflorescences of dark red-brown flowers. Beautiful plants!

Pleurothallis rowleyi var. flava - (Panama) Another excellent species 6-8" tall bearing 6"+ inflorescences of yellow flowers. Beautiful plants!

Pleurothallis scitula - (Panama) Excellent compact species with heart-shaped 3" leaves and 0.75" single yellow flowers striped with purple. Very easy

Pleurothallis setosa - (Panama) Delightful rare miniature with pendent inflorescences bearing purplish pink flowers with bristle-like hairs on the margins of the green petals, sepals with yellow tails.

Pleurothallis simulans - (Panama) 3" glossy leaves with purple pink flowers. Very nice!

B>Pleurothallis simulans var. flava - (Panama) Same as above with golden yellow flowers. Very nice!

Pleurothallis sp. - (Panama) Miniature species with grassy leaves and yellow-orange flowers.

Pleurothallis sp. Rio Sereno - (Panama) Unidentified species. 3-4" tall with upright spikes of fragrant cream green flowers.

Pleurothallis titan - (Panama) Plants can grow quite large. Big heart-shaped leaves produce 1" gold-yellow "frog-type" blooms. Recommended.

Pleurothallis tonduzii - (Panama) Must have for the serious Pleurophyle. Beautiful long single leaves on short 4-5" stems, produce 1" pink blooms with contrasting red lip at leaf base. Will make endearing specimens. Rare!

Pleurothallis tribuloides - (Panama) Cute little plants with red lobster claw flowers among the leaves.

Pleurothallis tripterantha - (Panama) Easy species produces many chains of golden-brown striped flowers. Almost always in bloom!

Pleurothallis truncata - (Panama) Wonderful species with oblong leaves and long inflorescences of spherical bright orange flowers.

Pleurothallis tsubotae - (Colombia) Miniature species with red flowers!
Pleurothallis tuerckheimii - (Panama) 8" plants with wiry racemes of striking dark red half-moon-shaped flowers. An excellent species!

Pleurothallis vidua - (Panama) Beautiful species. White flowers with purple spots.

Pleurothallis volcanica - (Panama) Compact plant with pale rose flowers with yellow lips. Rare!

Pleurothallis wagneri - (Panama) Rare 3" tall species with relatively large purple flowers.